Pieces I Left Behind

by Cam Torrente

supported by
Phoebe Brown
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Phoebe Brown When you meet somebody like Cam you can sense right away how passionate they are and it just resonates. I've been wanting to hear this album for awhile and it's everything I knew it would be and more: totally and completely beautiful. It makes me feel like I am laying in a meadow or sitting on a hill away from the rest of the world. I really appreciate music that can make me feel that way. Favorite track: The Wanderers.
Evann Carter
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Evann Carter The poetic genius and cranberry juice enthusiast Cam Torrente is the most wonderful person on this planet and her musical talent is inspiring. Favorite track: We're Gonna Be All Right.
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released May 7, 2015

Recorded and mixed by John Carter
Album art by Ian Torrente
Big thanks to Evann Carter for all the cranberry juice
Oh and Nick Tasker helped too



all rights reserved


Cam Torrente Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Things That I Don't Say
I've got that feeling again
It tastes like cotton and it looks like rain
Static sounds as I sink through a dream
I don't have the power to turn off the screen

I can't sleep; all I've got is sleep
I don't know what to do
I'll just keep on trying to

I've had this feeling for years
It affects my vision and produces tears
Thoughts too loud, play another sad song
Things are much less lonely with the radio on

I can't dream about anything
I don't think I'm okay
I'll just sing about all of
The things that I don't say
Track Name: Strong Enough
I wish I could write a love song strong enough to make the strongest men shiver weak in their beds
And I wish I could sing that love song loud enough to bring the doubted men back from the dead
I would, I would, but I stay at home instead

I wish I could paint a picture bold enough to make the oldest men shake in their strife
And I want that picture to offend enough so people wanna end my artistic life
I would, I would, but instead I paint with a knife

Oh, do you ever get that feeling
Like you just can't do anything right?
Oh, do you feel your scars stop healing
And you wanna reach to the stars and turn out their lights?

I wish I could sing a song so beautifully that all the world might see and want to hear
And I wish that the songs I sing would bend and ring and that the notes would be crystal clear
I would, I would, but I close my mouth out of fear

I wish that the words I said would be so kind that they would touch your mind and your heart would change
And I wish that you'd think about the words I said until you bled them out to this world sad and strange
You would, you would, but you're something I cannot tame

Oh, do you ever get that feeling
Like everything you know is out of your control?
Oh, do you feel your heart stop healing
And you're scared that it will never be whole?

I wish that I could be someone strong enough
Track Name: For Your Sad Eyes
1990, you marched kindly through the years
We're so glad you chose to come here
Kick your shoes off, dance on ground soft
For the one that you hold me dear
You pray to God each night to ease your fears

Stretch your arms out to the sky
You know too well that to live we must die
And through your voice I hear you cry
This song is for your sad eyes

You sometimes sit still to find out his will
For the life you want to lead
And you know your dad would have agreed
Six thousand feet above
Oh, well you're in love with love
And humbly you plead
That you'll get what you want instead of what you need

Stretch your arms out to the sky
You know too well that to live we must die
And through your voice I hear you cry
This song is for your sad eyes
Track Name: When You Move
When you move out of this town, oh, please promise me
That you will not forget to keep in touch
Maybe call once a week or every other month
Or twice a year; I swear that you won't have to call much
Just call enough so I will hear the sound of your voice
So you don't fade away like all those other boys

When you move out of this town, oh, please promise me
That you will not forget that I exist
Across state lines and country bounds I know you will be busy
But please, oh please, oh please promise me this
But if you just let go of me and let me fade away
Well, that is fine, cause for me at least you will stay

Cause it's a far fetched wish you'll see
Oh what a far fetched thing it'll be
Cause you'll be too caught up in the present tense
For little old past tense me

When you move out of this town, oh, I promise you
That you will show up sometimes in my dreams
And you'll be doing something that you always do
Like strumming your guitar on crumpled sheets
And I will open up my eyes hoping to feel you there
But I will only feel the cold bite of night air

Cause when you move out of this town I will help you pack
And as we hug I'll try hard not to cry
And I will make you promise e these stupid little things
But there is no such thing as a good goodbye
And I will say I love you like I've said it times before
I'll wave til I can't see your car anymore

Cause I just want you to be happy
Oh, I just know that you'll be happy
And you'll be laughing, smiling in the present tense
You won't have time for boring past tense me
Track Name: The Wanderers
Daughter, daughter, it breaks my heart to see you crying
Daughter, daughter, I know how hard you are trying
Endlessly devoting every minute to the reckless pursuit of a cause
Hopelessly putting your whole self in it; hopelessly lost
I hope you find your way

Brother, brother, I can't see you against your bruises
Brother, brother, I know it's your power to choose this
Endlessly avoiding every second that you have to recall what you've done
Hopelessly recording every wreck and who you want to become
I'm sure you'll be renewed

Sister, sister, your world's become shadows and sessions
Sister, sister, you can't find the meaning, the lesson
Endlessly pursuing all the laughter of a life that was ripped from your hands
Hopelessly finding nothing that you're after but a darkness you can't understand
For now, just stay with me

Oh my friends, I cannot see the beauty that's in this
No romance; just the long nights spent screaming in sadness
The days grow long; the nights even longer
But they pass like the rolling of tides
We're the broken, the wretched, the wanderers
We deserve every moment of life
And one day these shattered bones will shine
One day these shattered bones will shine
Track Name: We're Gonna Be All Right
I will make my way to the city
And sit and watch all the smart and pretty
Little people live their more-than-normal lives
And I will sit and talk to a stranger
About the terrible and towering danger
That is talking to somebody that you do not know
There are things that I still need to do; I will not go

I will ride my bike to the forest
And sit and smell and touch all the purest
Forms of spring and summer, fall;
The toasted leaves falling down
And I will go up north for Christmas
With someone I love who loves me; it'll be just us
We'll sit and hold hands, watch the new fallen snow
There are things that I still need to do; I will not go

I'm in a love hate relationship with my life
I need to forget what is wrong with it
Remember what is right

I will teach a kid how to play guitar
And let him rest his fingers when it gets hard
And maybe I will have passed on something of worth
I will jump in a car with some friends of mine
We'll tell jokes, laugh, sing songs, and pass the time
Just all of us, some playlists, and the open road
There are things that I still need to do; I will not go

I will finally learn how to love myself
I can't do everything, but some things I do well
Someday I'll realize that there's a reason I'm here
And I will finish things I never thought I could
Like write a novel, sew, just add something good
To this world that needs a bit of beauty and hope
There are things that I still need to do; I will not go

I'm in a love hate relationship with my life
I need to forget what is wrong with it
Remember what is right

We've got some things we still need to do; this world needs us alive
We're going to make it through all of this
We're going to be all right
We're gonna be all right
Track Name: Here to Stay
All the ghost girls go to sleep and wake up all alone
All the ghost girls go to sleep and wake up on their own time
Open your eyes to the lazy stream of morning light
The daylight sings soft; tells you everything will be all right

When they ask you bout that golden gaze
Look around you and then look away
You've got nothing to say

All the ghost boys blow out candles, wait for midnight's song
All you ghost boys, you're hiding in the darkest corners of dawn
Open your eyes to the gentle smile of the sunrise
Seems to whisper that someday soon you will be alive

When they ask you bout that golden gaze
Keep your mouth shut; you are here to say
And you've got nothing to say
You've got nothing to say about it
Track Name: Drift Slowly
The first time that I met you I was young and I was scared
I ran down to the river, brushed the tangles from my hair
And they years go by like raindrops flowing smoothly down your skin
I breath out. I breathe out. I breathe you in.

We danced through scorching summers; said goodbye to our hometowns
Let the cold air bite our cheeks the moment that the plane touched down
And we walked through coastal cities, big museums, old hotels
But we were destined to drift slowly, I could tell

When you go away I can't say that I'll miss you
Even though I can't quite promise that I won't
So return back to the lover you have found so tall and fair
Return back to your lover; I will go

When you do things that'll harm, well, I stay silent, make no sound
I just want you to be happy but also want you around
Can you hear the siren calling you? Can you hear the water churn?
Do not stand so close to fire; you will burn

But you curse your past and turn your gaze to things that make a spark
Lock your bedroom doors and ride away to strange things in the dark
And I thought I knew you well, but now I don't know who you are
I bet it's easy for you; for me, it's hard

When you go away I won't say that I love you
Even though I'm always thinking it too loud
When you find the place that needs you cling close and draw it near
Oh, hold tight, you might do your mother proud

So when we part ways please be gentle and remember to stay kind
Find the place that will accept you; I will go out and find mine
Cause you're something I can't cling to and you deserve to be free
Yeah, you deserve to be happy without me

So the last time that I meet you I'll be older, I won't care
I will pass you on a crowded street and wonder why you're there
Can't imagine life without you but I'm eager to begin
I'll breathe you out. I'll breathe you out. I'll breathe you out.
I'll breathe in.
Track Name: Like A Rainstorm
I had a dream that you were five feet away from me
Singing soft, singing slow, singing holy
It's been a long year without you
I only remember when I open my eyes and you're gone
Some love is only felt when it's absent

When I cried all night you were outside just waiting
Held my hand, dried my eyes, said you'd be praying
You said "pain grows stronger when you're silent
"If you never speak up, you will never put right what is wrong"
Your sad eyes sparkled in the darkness

I wish you were here, but I'm glad our paths crossed like they did
And all the kindness you gave, I will spread it
Some people come through your life like a rainstorm
Making everything new; leaving pieces of themselves behind
And I hope that someday I can thank you
When it's time
Track Name: A Cycle
The oak tree had two mothers
The water and the earth
And the Earth, she had two lovers
But they ran away from her
And me I've got too much to carry
And not quite enough time
So I'll throw myself to the ocean
Beg the waves to please be kind to me

But the ocean it has its problems
They have seven billion names
And their hands have lashed its surface
With thousands of plastic chains
But those waves, they are so forgiving
They will flow til they can't anymore
As for me, I will keep on floating
Til my body hits the shore

And the ground shook
All the coldest parts of me waking
And the ground took
All the pieces that I had designed
A cycle so kind

The wind, he had two brothers
The sunlight and the rain
They are at war with each other
Until only one remains
But me, I've got no allegiance
I don't get out much these days
So please be gentle with me
Old feelings rarely change, do they?

Oh trials, please do not distort me
And wind please do not let me fall
And nature please do not abort me
If I was ever here at all
Let feet remain solid and grounded
please don't let my body bend
But if I am to be surrounded
Don't let it be the end

And the ground shook
All the hardest parts of me breaking
And the ground took
All the pieces that I thought were mine
A cycle so kind

The forests, they forgot their fathers
To remember their fearful friends
Who were frequently fallen by fire
Til they finally reached their ends
And our lives, they bear simple resemblance
Somewhere deep dark and damp in the woods
And I don't think that we could have saved them
I don't think that we should

My family, please try to forgive me
My friends, please try to forget
Let my bones become only a memory
That no one on this earth has known yet
Our lights will get dimmer and dimmer
Til they finally burn up
And our hearts will get simpler and simpler
Til we finally have enough

And the ground shook
All the oldest parts of me aching
And the ground took
All the pieces I left behind
A cycle so kind