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this is my favorite one :^)


The oak tree had two mothers
The water and the earth
And the Earth, she had two lovers
But they ran away from her
And me I've got too much to carry
And not quite enough time
So I'll throw myself to the ocean
Beg the waves to please be kind to me

But the ocean it has its problems
They have seven billion names
And their hands have lashed its surface
With thousands of plastic chains
But those waves, they are so forgiving
They will flow til they can't anymore
As for me, I will keep on floating
Til my body hits the shore

And the ground shook
All the coldest parts of me waking
And the ground took
All the pieces that I had designed
A cycle so kind

The wind, he had two brothers
The sunlight and the rain
They are at war with each other
Until only one remains
But me, I've got no allegiance
I don't get out much these days
So please be gentle with me
Old feelings rarely change, do they?

Oh trials, please do not distort me
And wind please do not let me fall
And nature please do not abort me
If I was ever here at all
Let feet remain solid and grounded
please don't let my body bend
But if I am to be surrounded
Don't let it be the end

And the ground shook
All the hardest parts of me breaking
And the ground took
All the pieces that I thought were mine
A cycle so kind

The forests, they forgot their fathers
To remember their fearful friends
Who were frequently fallen by fire
Til they finally reached their ends
And our lives, they bear simple resemblance
Somewhere deep dark and damp in the woods
And I don't think that we could have saved them
I don't think that we should

My family, please try to forgive me
My friends, please try to forget
Let my bones become only a memory
That no one on this earth has known yet
Our lights will get dimmer and dimmer
Til they finally burn up
And our hearts will get simpler and simpler
Til we finally have enough

And the ground shook
All the oldest parts of me aching
And the ground took
All the pieces I left behind
A cycle so kind


from Pieces I Left Behind, released May 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Cam Torrente Los Angeles, California


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